Why Count Passengers?

Automatic Passenger Counting systems and data will help your management team to improve the planning and scheduling of your transit. They also allow your company to reallocate resources to meet the actual demand and to monitor and forecast trends in usage and ridership. INFODEV EDI’S APC can provide you with crucial data, information and insight that gives you an accurate picture of your ridership.

Automatic Passenger Counting Systems

  • Measure your agency’s success with reliable ridership figures
  • Provide you with tomorrow's reporting information
  • Justify changes to services
  • Revenue Sharing
Automatic passenger Counting for train and train stations - Infodev EDI inc.

Benefits of our apc systems

  • Modular, Flexible and Simple Architecture
  • Factory Calibrated Sensors Assemblies
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Most Accurate Passenger Counting Technology on the Market
  • Small, Robust and Reliable
  • Competitive Prices and Best Life Cycle Cost
  • Produce User-Friendly Reports and Graphs
  • Discreet & Aesthethic
  • Vandalism Proof

Real-Time Solutions

We are proud to have delivered the world’s first real time compartment occupancy based on passenger counting technology. This video shows how the client and passengers have welcomed real time passenger information and how this can be used for maximum benefit off train. The Smartphone App is particularly popular since it enables passengers to see, in real time, how full or empty each part of the incoming train is. They can also see this information in real time on giant displays that are installed on every platform.

Standard products or Custom-built to your needs

  • Fits Any Door
  • In-House Build
  • Any Color Available
White color sensor blending in the background.
Recessed installation example

”97.5% to 99.5% Accuracy from Pure Counting Data in an Uncontrolled Transit Environment”